Should You Even Play Lottery?

To play lottery or not to play lottery, that is the question many of us have asked ourselves more than once. If you are on the more “skeptic” side, you might have googled it or even advised your day-dreaming prone friends against it.

What Are The Odds Aka Never Play Lottery

When you look at the odds many lotteries across the world offer, it does seem discouraging, to say the least. You literally have to be one in many millions to get hit by such luck and pocket a prize that will ensure your financially carefree future. So it’s completely understandable why many hard-working realists (mathematicians, economists, statisticians) have tried so hard to convince the rest of the (lotto-playing) world not to even engage in such a pointless activity.

They will list all of the reasons you shouldn’t even try to play lottery, from already mentioned astronomically unfavourable odds to better ways you could spend your time and money. They will criticize different lotteries for their misplaced campaigns; they will mention taxing and annuity payments as additional negatives, they will do everything in their power to convince you not to play because there are so many better ways you could spend your time and money.

Why Don’t You Just Become Famous?

And of course, they would mostly be right. The chances to win the lottery are extremely low; you are far more likely to become famous (1 in 10,000) or die in a car crash (1 in 103 in the US!), just to give things more perspective. So why even bother? And yet, people still play the lottery day in and day out, all over the world. How’s that even possible if it so clear that chances of winning are next to none?

Well, let’s put it this way, and that is something all lotto-opposers are likely to forget: it’s human nature. And we don’t mean figuratively, we mean literally: just think about how babies are made, it’s in our DNA to come out as winners when there are such low odds. You could even argue that the world in which we can play lottery in wouldn’t even exist if our ancestors listened to the mathematicians listing odds.

Got to Be in It, to Win It

Also, another pretty simple fact is that there are people winning lotteries all around the world, so no matter how low the chances may be, they still exist, but only and exclusively under one condition – to play the lottery. This also means all of those “realists” will never win it, and that is a fact.

So, if your way of living includes having a good time, day-dreaming about even better times, and having faith that someday that will be your reality, that is a perfectly legitimate way of living, and don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise. You just keep believing in a better life, keep working toward that dream of yours and just by doing that you already have so much higher odds of winning the lottery than those who don’t.

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