How Emotions Play a Huge Role in Your Financial Future

Emotions are a good thing. They can guide us, fulfil us and, and in the end, they make us human. But, in a hard world of dealing with money, they can often be seen as a liability. Let’s take a look at how much of it is really true and how it can impact your financial future, including the lottery.

Your Financial Future Depends On This

If you are an average person, you might even ask “What do emotions have to do with money in a first place?”, and if you did, you’d be so far off. Because although they are seemingly on different sides of the spectrum, dealing with money is, as most things in our lives, heavily underlined with emotions. In fact, experts agree that a change in our financial status begins with a change in our perception of money.

What kind of emotions do we generally associate with money, though? They are not always good, more often than not we are connecting them with fear, shame and/or anger. Fear of not having enough money, shame others will see we don’t have as much as we’d like and anger because we find ourselves in this situation. A lot of people even start to hate money, since they see it the source of all of their problems. You’ll have to agree, not much good can come out of that mindset. So, as you might have imagined, it would be good to reverse those feelings into something positive, so you can also have a positive financial future.

Define Then Redefine

First of all, you should define where those feelings come from. More often than not, we can thank our parents and their way of handling money for the state of our own feelings towards finances. That is, in fact, one of the pillars of the so-called generational wealth or generational poverty: children inherit a lot of things from their parents, and that includes habits and beliefs around money.

But don’t think those are irreversible. Once you become aware of what you might be doing and how you are impacting your own financial future, things will start to turn around for you. You’ll still have to do all the work, and it won’t be easy, although it might seem like it is. But psychologists agree that people who believe that having money is under their control, end up more successful and financially stable. So don’t despair and especially stop complaining – instead educate yourself.

Beware Of The Extremes

Of course, that coin has a dark side too. Once you do realize you have control over it, don’t let it consume you. Because if you do, you are giving back the power it had over you in a first place.

But let’s deal with that side of the story when you get to it. For now, concentrate on these few things: stop thinking about money as something bad, but instead realise it’s just a vehicle to help you go wherever you want to be. Secondly, realise that the amount of money you’ll have depends solely on your actions (and thoughts). So now that you are ready and redefined, don’t waste any more time, play for your happy financial future today.